A Little Friday News

3 Jun

The University of Michigan Library’s MPublishing has just released four new books on their digitalculturebooks imprint. The books are available free online, though one can also purchase a digital or print copy. They all look pretty interesting, but I’m especially interested in Digital Rubbish: A Natural History of Electronics.

YouTube has added a library of Creative Commons licensed clips for video creators to use. These short clips can be added to a user’s original creation and YouTube will take care of the attribution part of the Creative Commons license. As the YouTube blog post points out, this clip library could be extremely handy if you need an aerial shot of LA but don’t have the means to take such a shot yourself. Do our students have to produce videos as assignments often? Perhaps not (not yet, anyway), but this is a good resource of which to be aware. (A Creative Commons license, unlike a regular copyright, allows works to be shared; creators can specify whether the work can be altered or not, as well as place some limits on the use, like non-commercial use only).

Finally, I ran across this useful article on keeping your Facebook info private, a concern that comes up periodically, so I thought I’d share that, too.


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