Tech Time, August 10

10 Aug

Today’s Tech Time was some hands-on time with several of the gadgets we circulate to students, faculty and staff.

Here’s a link to a PDF “cheat sheet” with all of our items, their check-out periods, and some helpful hints about using these items.

Also, I showed off a cool new feature of 360 Link (our new Open URL link resolver – more training on this to come in September). When students are searching in Google Scholar from a COCC computer, they will see a link beside article citations that will direct them to our subscription resources (e-journals, databases), where they can retrieve the full-text of the article. See the images below for an example of what this looks like. Click on the images for larger views.

Search results in Google Scholar

Search results, showing the "Full Text @ COCC" link

360 Link Screen

The 360 Link screen providing the link to the article

An Ebsco article record, showing the link to the full text


Google Scholar doesn’t support proxy authentication, so it doesn’t work this same way if a student is at home. From what I’ve read, it appears that students can go in and make some settings changes in Google Scholar that would make it work a similar way. I have to investigate this a bit more and, if it tests out, I’ll have to get some directions together.


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