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Troubleshooting Link Resolver Problems

1 Dec

The Link Resolver (see this blog post if you need a link resolver refresher), handy as it is, doesn’t always work like you’d expect.

One somewhat common problem is with the “one click to article” feature. If the link resolver can determine that we should have the online full-text of a particular article, this one click feature is supposed to take the user directly to the article, bypassing the link resolver results page.

But, sometimes instead of a full-text article, the user gets an error message. Here’s an example of a error message from Ebsco (as usual, click on the any of the images in this post for a larger version):

The error message for the 360 link resolver.

Basically, Ebsco is asking you to type in your citation info again, to see if it can find the article (several people have gotten this error and emailed me about the strange ILL form they are seeing – even though it looks a little like the old ILL form, this is NOT an ILL form, just a citation verification form). But, you don’t even need to fill any of this out.

It’s not super noticeable (I didn’t design it, so don’t blame me), but there is a link at the top of the screen that says “Not what you were looking for? Get additional resources” :


Click this link, and it will take you back to the link resolver results page:


Now, this is super important. From this page, click on the “Journal” link instead of the “Article” link (if you click on the “Article” link, it’s just going to fail again). When you get to the journal-level link, you can use the journal-level navigation to¬† access the article.

Use the original citation information to find the right date, volume, and issue:


Is this more steps? Yes, unfortunately.

Will students figure out this troubleshooting technique on their own? Maybe a few of them, but I fear that it’s not the most obvious series of steps, so we should definitely know how to help them get around the error screen.

Also, although the example above is from Ebsco, the “get additional resources” link shows up at the top of any full-text article that the link resolver goes to directly, so this troubleshooting tip works with any of our database interfaces.